Where are my AOL favorites and carousel items?

Posted Jan 17th 2008 10:41AM by Laura Peterson

update 1/18:

Thanks for communicating your issues with favorites migration. We're looking into this.

original post:

I want to make sure that those of you upgrading from AOL 9.0 / AOL 9.1 know how to access your favorites as well as any carousel items you had in your old toolbar.

AOL Desktop now supports local favorites as well as AOL "portable" favorites which are stored on a server and only accessible when you provide your screenname and password. ("Local favorites" are the favorites stored on your computer in other browsers like IE. This means that before you sign on over a broadband connection, you can save and access all the browser favorites stored on your computer. If you've ever saved a favorite on your computer in another browser like IE, you can get to that favorite in AOL Desktop, too, and vice versa.)

After you sign on, you can then get to your AOL favorites including ones you may have imported from a prior version of AOL

All of your local, AOL, and imported carousel favorites are stored in the browser favorites sidepanel, which you can open by clicking the "Favorites" button next to the URL field in the browser.

In the screenshot below, you'll see the instructions for opening the favorites sidepanel and getting to your "portable" AOL favorites, identifed by your particular screenname. If you had carousel items to import from 9.0 or 9.1, they will also appear in a folder just above the portable favorites.

Getting your old carousel icons into your new toolbar:

To put your imported carousel items into your new AOL Desktop toolbar, just expand the carousel folder by clicking on the blue icon, then drag any of those items into the "toolbar" folder at the top of the favorites sidepanel. (In my screenshot, you can see the "Toolbar" folder is at the top, right above "Helix".)

Feeling more adventurous? Just click and hold an item in your carousel folder and drag it directly to your AOL Desktop toolbar to position it right where you want it. You'll be prompted to change the icon if you want -- click OK and your new item will be right there in your AOL Desktop toolbar!



P.S. you can't drag items from your AOL Portable favorites to your toolbar -- you need to sign in to access the portable favorites, whereas the toolbar and local favorites are always available prior to you signing in (on a broadband connection).

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