AOL Desktop Q&A -- mail drafts; new/old mail folders

Posted Feb 5th 2008 5:30PM by Laura Peterson

Draft Emails

Q: "What happened to the 'waiting to be sent' folder? I have 2 emails in there and can not access them."

A: "Mail waiting to be sent" is now called "Drafts". When you save a mail, it will be stored in your folders on the left side of your mailbox under "On my PC". To save a mail to the drafts folder, use the "save draft" button next to your "send" button when you're writing a mail. (You'll notice that the email you're writing will also get auto-saved every now and again to your drafts folder!)

When you're ready to send draft mails you saved previously, just click on your Drafts folder, double click on the mail, confirm that you're ready to send it, and click "send".

"New" and "Old" Mail vs. Inbox Mode

Q: "After I read my mail it stays in the incoming folder. I want my 'Old Mail' folder back and my emails to go there after they are read. How do I do this?"

A. AOL Desktop supports two types of folder views in mail. You can see all your new and old emails in one inbox (this is called "inbox style" view), or you can have separate folders for new and old mail. If you're in the "inbox style" view and you want to switch back to separate "new and old" mail folders, here's how you do that.

Click the link below to switch from Inbox to New/Old:

Click this link to switch from New/Old to Inbox:

Thanks for everyone's questions and feedback!



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