Where are my Groups?

Posted Feb 27th 2008 10:56PM by Laura Peterson
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Groups in AOL Desktop are called Mailing Lists, which are accessible from the "Mailing List" button in the bottom right of your Address Book. When you click on "Mailing Lists", a new window will open with all of your existing groups appearing as tabs on the left side.

To edit the contacts inside your mailing lists, click on the tab to bring that mailing list to focus. Then, use the buttons at the bottom to edit or remove contacts, or to add new ones to that mailing list. Use the text field at the top (where "type a screen name" appears) to begin typing the name of someone from your address book to easily reference and add contacts to a mailing list.

Clicking "new contact" in the Mailing List area will let you add a brand new contact to an existing or new mailing list. Choose which mailing list you want to add your new contact to in the "Categories" section. Click the box to the right of the "Mailing List" label. This box will expand and let you select your preferred mailing list or create a new one. You can also assign a single contact to multiple mailing lists by clicking the "+" and repeating the process I just described.



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