AOL Desktop v.10.1 launches; new features

Posted Aug 13th 2008 11:01PM by Laura Peterson
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AOL Desktop version 10.1 officially launched on Tuesday! It's available for download on Discover AOL.

You'll find more desktop themes and colors, enhancements to the Favorites and Address Book layout, and improvements in speed and stability in AOL Desktop v.10.1.

I'll go into more depth on Favorites and Address Book in the next few articles. Right now, I want to show you how to make AOL Desktop all your own.

Personalizations: With the Personalize menu in AOL Desktop v. 10.1, you can choose themes, customize the software with any color you want, apply your own personal photos to the background, and even set up a rotating photo slideshow.

Whenever you make changes inside the "Personalize" menu, your selections will be previewed in the software in real time.

Themes: Right-click on the background of AOL Desktop with your mouse to bring up the "Personalize" menu. This will bring you into the "theme" area, where you can select stock themes or modify and store your own.

Appearance: This is where you can change the color of the software using a number of pre-set colors. Or, select "custom" to launch the Windows color chooser to choose from even more colors.

Background: This area lets you select photos from your computer which you can apply to your background or background slideshow. Tip: don't browse to a folder that has too many photos because this will slow your software down. Ideally, set up a separate folder with the pictures you really want to use.

Preview: Finally, even though you'll see your changes applied in the software in real time, you can see a demo of your customizations by clicking on the "Preview" tab.

(By the way, that's a lavender field near Snowshill in Gloucestershire, England.)

Check out AOL Desktop version 10.1 and have fun making the software look exactly how you want. Stay tuned for my new articles on the Address Book and Favorites.




Laura Peterson

Product Lead, AOL Desktop

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