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Posted Aug 20th 2008 2:14PM by Laura Peterson

A recent comment about small fonts in AOL Desktop prompted me to explain how to increase the size of your fonts in your Windows Operating System. AOL Desktop will recognize your preferred OS font size so that text throughout the program will be larger. (To increase your browser font size, which is handled separately, go to the Tools menu in the AOL Desktop browser, choose "Power Browsing" and go to "Page Display".)

To set the font size in your Operating System (warning: this will apply to all your other applications, not just AOL), go to your Display Properties in Windows XP / Personalization Settings in Windows Vista.

On XP, you can right-click on your PC desktop background and choose "Properties", then select the "Appearance" tab". Look for the "Font Size" menu at the bottom, and choose the dropdown for your preferred font size (e.g. normal, large, and extra large).

In the screenshot below, you'll see the steps I just described below. I'm running "Large Fonts" so you can see how it impacts my window chrome text and menus.

AOL Desktop handles the OS font size changes reasonably well. I haven't seen anything that is made unreadable by the larger fonts. The new sizes will apply consistently throughout the AOL program (e.g. your toolbar, the quick access panels, the buddy list and screennames, and mail).

Here are some screenshot details of the QAPs, AIM and Mail with Address Book to show you how large fonts look in AOL Desktop.

For further reference, visit the Microsoft help pages for detailed descriptions of changing font sizes on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

** Update 8/22: To increase your font size on AOL 9.0 and 9.1, go to "Settings" from your toolbar, then choose "Font and Text". Here's a screenshot.



Laura Peterson

Product Lead, AOL Desktop

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