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Hi everyone! We have a new AOL client beta available and we welcome input. We actually beg for input! However, you should know that this one is different from AOL Desktop in that it is based off a "Classic" view. (Read "Classic" as waol.exe style experience.)

Please consider taking a look. Click HERE to start the download process.

Thanks again,


The following is taken from:

The AOL Desktop Client team is pleased to announce the release of AOL Classic Beta.

In this latest beta release of AOL's 9.x family of all-in-one internet software, you'll find a significant new feature - tabbed browsing. We've been asked by many of you to add this, as it really makes web browsing more convenient than ever before.

While this release focuses on adoption of tabbed browsing, we're also performing a fare bit of housecleaning on the menus, with much of this effort to more accurately reflect our current AOL product catalog; along with removing several redundant items.

System requirements for AOL Classic beta

* Windows Vista, XP
* Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
* 166 MHz Pentium-class processor or higher
* 128MB RAM, 460MB free disk space
* 28.8 Kbps or faster modem, or other Internet connection

This will be a short development cycle, so as we're fast approaching the release date, we really encourage you to use the software actively and in this beta, to focus on exercising the tabbed browsing experience. As always, we want you to use the Feedback form to report issues you find.

Since this beta will coexist along side your current AOL client, please make sure you to launch the beta application when testing as much as possible.

Team Beta Chat -- today 6/30 at 4 pm EDT

We'll be hosting a Beta team chat today at 4 pm Eastern for those on Nexus.

Join other Beta testers and talk with leads on the team about your questions and comments. We're particularly interested in any observations you have about quality and crashes!

Here's the link to get to the Beta chat room at 4 pm today:




Laura Peterson

Product Lead, AOL Desktop

AOL Desktop Beta Chat #3

Interested in shaping the next version of AOL Desktop? Have questions about the current AOL Desktop Beta? Want to talk to the team behind it all?

Chat with the AOL Desktop team, other Beta testers, and the AOL Beta community managers tomorrow afternoon as we launch our third open chat session on the heels of the second AOL Desktop (codename: Nexus) Beta release.

What: AOL Desktop Beta Chat #3

Who: AOL Beta testers, AOL Beta community managers, AOL Desktop team, and YOU!

When: Wednesday April 16 @ 4:00 pm Eastern (1:00 pm Pacific)

Where: All details can be found at

See you there,



Laura Peterson

Product Lead, AOL Desktop

Chat with the AOL Desktop team!

Hi all,

The AOL Desktop team wants to chat with you!

After our successful Beta chat two weeks ago, we're hosting another session to give you the opportunity to get to know the team behind AOL Desktop, ask questions, and provide feedback on the current Beta and the product in general.

What: AOL Desktop Beta (codename Nexus) Chat #2

Who: AOL Beta testers, AOL Beta community managers, AOL Desktop team, and the general public

When: Tonight, Tuesday April 8 @ 9:30 pm Eastern (6:30 pm Pacific).

Where: All details can be found at

If you can't make this one, the next chat will be coming up in a week or two.

Talk to you tonight!



Laura Peterson

Product Lead, AOL Desktop

Nexus now in Beta!

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! To celebrate the end of the week, we launched a brand new Beta version of AOL Desktop called "Nexus". It's got AIM 6.5 among other things. More features to be announced soon.

Be sure to check it out at

Have a great weekend!


New AOL Desktop Beta with Favorites enhancements

Hi all,

We've just released a new Beta of a slightly enhanced version of AOL Desktop. It includes an updated Favorites import system as well as a few edits to the way you manage and access your Favorite Places in the browser.

Your feedback on the changes we've made would be greatly appreciated.

Please go to the AOL Desktop Refresh Beta site and participate in the focus test questionnaire.



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